Tiếng Việt Có Khó Gõ Không?

Is Vietnamese difficult to type? It turns out, no, Vietnamese is extremely easy to type. And it’s even easier to write. Vietnamese includes beautiful diacritics (accent marks), and while it can look intimidating, the writing is pretty easy to learn. Tones There are six tones in Vietnamese, they are written like this, a á à […]

Phát Âm Tiếng Việt

+ alphabet + syllable (initial + vowel + final) + tone + flashcards? phonemes Vietnamese pronunciation is much more difficult than I first anticipated. It is far more difficult than Chinese, and it’s not 100% phonetic to the writing (despite what many teachers claim). There are exceptions to the pronunciation rules, and regional differences that […]

Tiếng Việt

My goal is to read and write in Vietnamese, understand native speakers, and speak well enough to have meaningful conversations with native speakers. [ Progress Log ] Những Việc Cần Làm + currently deferring study + pronunciation + Tiếng Việt numbers Khuyến Nghịm These are approaches that I have found the most useful, and would […]