cognados -ent -ant becomes -ente -ante diferente importante -ary becomes -ario necesario -ence -ence becomes -encia -ancia diferencia preferencia -tion becomes -ción condición posición situación reservación -ical becomes -ico politico SPECIAL = ESPECIAL Words beginning sp-, st- or sc- in English usually start esp-, est- or esc- in Spanish, ‘student’ estudiante; ‘school’ escuela. ENGLISH WORDS […]


Conjugations are sexy. The word “conjugation” shares the same latin origin as “conjugal” (as in “conjugal visit”), which in turn was a loan word from ancient Greek, meaning “to join” (or “to yoke”) together. You can learn conjugations via conjugation tables, and in fact conjugation tables are an excellent resource for looking up specific verb […]


My goal is to read and write in Spanish, and converse well enough to have a basic conversation with a native speaker. Actualización: He olvidado mucho de mi español. Voy a actualizar esto más tarde. lista de quehaceres + currently deferring study recomendaciones These are approaches that I have found the most useful, and would […]